Dimmable LED pendant lamp

149,00 inc. BTW/VAT

The RAAAQ pendant beam lamp is a fusion of true elegance in combination with functionality. The unique shape of the lamp is achieved with the use of a perfectly precise laser cut on a one-piece metal tube, which enables the lamp to lighten up spaces with a warm white diffused light, floor to ceiling. This elegant yet innovative lamp will be a true added value to your space in both design and functionality, for spaces like: kitchen island, dining table, workroom, office, meeting room, reading table etc. You can compose the lamp with your favourite colour, length of the cables and preferred light temperature according to your own preferences.

The functionality of the RAAAQ Design dimmable LED Pendant Lamp is in having the 100% control over the upper and lower illumination. The invisible tip touch controllers located in the oak wood end cap of the lamp enables you to switch the lamp on and off and adjust the brightness. The tip touch buttons work through the wood, which gives it an elegant feeling.

Feel free to adjust the intensity of the light according to your mood and occasion, whether it is a romantic dinner date for two or a moment of peaceful work in your office. Illuminate the ceiling whilst having a warm low light facing towards the table when dining. Illuminate the table if working on something detailed.

Play with it and enjoy the liberty that the lamp gives you until you find what fits best with your mood every single day.

  • ON/OFF by a short touch
  • Stepless 20% – 100% control by a longer touch

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A strong powder coating available in several colours gives a final touch of style and quality. Choose between white, black, gold or stainless steel without coating, whatever fits best with the interior you want to create around yourself.

Choose the preferred length of the steel cables: 2m, 3m or 5m. The height of the lamp is easily adjustable according to your need and taste with the adjustable steel cable mechanism that comes with your purchase. In the FAQ section you’ll find video’s with instructions how to adjust and install.

Finally you can also choose your preferred light temperature, warm white or white. Warm white is usually used in living rooms and white is more used in offices and retail stores.

  • Straightforward and easy installation
  • Environmental friendly choice given by a low power consumption of the high quality LED
Input voltage LED light

220V / 50Hz

Nominal power

@220V: 40 W


build-in dimmer that works via tip touch through the wooden end cap.Light can be dimmed upwards and downwards separately. ON/OFF by a short touch, stepless 20% – 100% control by a longer touch.
The dimmer only works with 220V power supply, it can’t be used in combination with an external dimmer

Light colour temperature

2700K / 3000K

Ambient temperature

-15°C until 45°C

Protection class protection

class 2

Protection type

IP 20


100cm / dia 7,7cm


2,7 Kg